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Coating Certification & Testing Professionals

Coating Certification & Testing Professionals B.V.

Coating Certification & Testing Professionals B.V. (CCT-Pro) is capable to evaluate the physical properties of paint systems and especially those of protective coatings. We use state of the art testing equipment in combination with the analytical skills of our extremely experienced technical staff members.

We can examine and test the anticorrosive properties of your formulations according to a range of international standards such as ASTM, BS, Norsok and ISO. Testing services include salt spray testing, accelerated weathering (QUV), cycle corrosion testing, cathodic disbonding and Electrochemical testing procedures such as Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), Accelerated cyclic electrochemical technique (ACET) or Open Circuit Potential (OCP)
CCT-Pro is able to do much more than just testing and providing a report on your products alone. Our qualified technical staff members can evaluate your paint formulations at a compositional level and provide you with professional advice on how to improve your products performance as determined by the specific requirement of that particular coating.

In addition, CCT-Pro are capable of either providing assistance with or completely designing test programs to ensure that your product meets its required end-use. We also have the ability to design extremely thorough test programs by using Design of Experiments (DOE) techniques, if required.

Our technical staff members have an extensive amount of experience in developing paint systems and associated test methods and therefore they are more than capable of assisting and working with your technical department to improve or develop your paint coating systems.

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Corrosion testing

Exposure to natural conditions is the most realistic process of testing the anti-corrosive properties of any coating system. However, it may take months to years before results are clearly visible and therefore various accelerated tests have been developed.

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QUV testing

UV light causes chemical degradation of coatings which becomes visible in various forms such as reduction in gloss, fading of colour, chalking, blistering etc. Natural outdoor exposure is often used to determine the effect of ultraviolet light on an exterior coating but this process can be extremely time consuming and therefore accelerated weathering equipment is widely used in the coatings industry.

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CCT-Pro believes in establishing clear requirements, procedures and agreements with our customers prior to commencing any projects. Initially we verify that any requested testing services will provide the results required by our clients and if we ultimately determine that an alternative test method would be more suitable, our customers are informed of our recommendation even if that particular test method is not carried out by CCT-Pro.

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