R&D assistance

R&D assistance

At CCT-Pro we can offer more than just execution of testing alone and providing you with the results. For instance we can assist in the interpretation of the results and possible advice on how to improve your formulation.

We can also be involved in planning of test series in order to avoid possible mistakes, maximise the outcome and ensuring the test setup is matching your goals and budget too.

This involvement can even start right at the beginning of a development. Let us look at a typical order of events in development a new product or solving a problem:

  1.   R&D request
  2.   Analysis of existing knowledge, internal and external.
  3.   Set up of R&D plan and decide on testing methods
  4.   Execution
  5.   Reporting and evaluation.
  6.   Depending on project, parts 3 – 5 can be repeated several times.
  7.   Market trials of potential candidates/ Official testing of candidates
  8.   Evaluation and final product selection
  9.   Introduction to market.

In a typical paint development CCT-Pro has noticed that often time does not allow companies to give point 2 enough attention resulting it may very well be the wheel is re-invented. Also cycles 3 – 5 can be repeated many times and still not providing a satisfactory outcome.

CCT-Pro can assist by doing data research of existing literature, competitor analysis and raw materials suppliers and avoiding repeating of work.

A step further would be to assist in setting up a complete R & D plan which can be straightforward but also more substantial by using Experimental Design strategies. Of course your data and knowledge will be protected by confidentiality agreements.

Finally, CCT-Pro has developed a database application which allows R&D to administrate all R&D testing efficiently and thoroughly. No more missed reporting or searching through old files for past data! Reporting can be done easily from the database in a professional format reducing reporting time from your staff. The database application can be installed as stand alone as well as a server based application.